About Us

Our Mission

Southport Fulfillment Services’ primary mission is to serve our customers, partners and employees to where they make informed choices to improve upon their lives and businesses. We are committed to time-critical business support by offering creative, cost-effective and customized fulfillment solutions while delivering unparalleled customer service.

Toyota “Somos Muchos” Hispanic Facebook Campaign

2011 voted as Best Integrated marketing campaign by Hispanic Public Relations Association Awards.This is an on-going fulfillment campaign that was created to drive consumer enthusiasm and traffic to the Toyota Latino Facebook site.

Consumers were invited to visit the Toyota Latino Facebook site and show their pride by selecting one of 97 Toyota “Somos Muchos” decals that represents their country heritage. To date, Southport has fulfilled over 600,000 complimentary Toyota decal orders … and it continues to grow each day!

Keurig “Brew the Love” Campaign

Keurig is the leading gourmet single cup brewing system in North America. As part of Keurig’s national “Brew the Love” campaign, Southport was contracted to warehouse, Pick & Pack and distribute over 5,000 complimentary gourmet Coffee makers to consumer’s all-over California in a two-week period.

Retail Rebate Programs

Southport designed and delivered two separate nationwide retail rebate programs for Shimano’s Fishing Division, which ranks #1 throughout the world in fishing tackles. The retail rebate programs were focused on replacing year-end Shimano fishing products through promotional consumer retail rebate incentives.

Southport fulfilled over 13,800 rebate orders to consumers who purchased Shimano fishing tackle from Sporting Goods stores throughout the country. Southport’s program efficiencies and cost effective solutions saved Shimano 30% in traditional rebate budget.

ieCrowd “The Kite Patch” Fundraising Campaign

ieCrowd, a global leader in transforming big innovations into market-driven global solutions, while having a positive social and economic impact. The Kite Patch campaign is one of ieCrowds latest innovations and fund-raising efforts that were created to protect humans around the world from malaria.

As part of the Kite Patch fundraising efforts, Southport was contracted to warehouse, manage inventory, pick & pack and fulfill over 9,000 premium orders to pledges who donated money to support the worthy cause.

Our Story

In 2008, Southport Marketing was designed and created as a full-service Experiential Marketing & Promotions Agency delivering thoughtful, meaningful and memorable consumer experiences for Brands, Advertising Agencies and Marketers alike.

As we entered into our second year in business, we began to receive many requests from our clients and agency partners asking us if we could perform consumer sweepstakes as well as prize and gift card fulfillment services. At the time this wasn’t our strongest suit, nonetheless, we were up to the challenge. We knew this was a key component for our clients while it also gave us the opportunity to serve our clients with “one-stop-shopping” marketing solutions. From there, we immediately went into action and begin offering integrated consumer promotional fulfillment services and programs. Over the next two years, we designed and implemented over 30 marketing consumer fulfillment programs and that still continues today.

In 2011, we made our biggest jump in the fulfillment space. We were contacted by the Conill Agency, the lead Multi-cultural Advertising Agency for Toyota Motor Sales requesting our fulfillment services. We were hired to implement the “Somos Muchos” digital campaign which encouraged Hispanic consumers all-over the U.S. to visit the Toyota “Somos Muchos” Facebook site and sign-up to receive one complimentary “Somos Muchos” vehicle decal. Consumers had 97 decals to choose from – each representing their Latin American heritage. The program ran for four-years and over 600,000 vehicle decals were distributed. Additionally, the campaign was voted 2011 “Best Integrated Marketing Campaign by the Hispanic Public Relations Association Awards. To this day, Toyota continues to utilize Southport Marketing for their promotional fulfillment needs.

In 2015, Southport Fulfillment Services was officially born and has become its own entity. We will continue to commit ourselves to providing our clients and partners with the best integrated marketing and fulfillment solutions possible.

Our Values

  1. Leadership: We promise to have the courage to lead from the front while guiding and serving our customers with the best integrated marketing and fulfillment solutions.
  2. Quality: Providing our clients with the most creative and cost-effective solutions that lead to positive results and customer satisfaction.
  3. Commitment: Ensuring that we provide our clients and partners with the best fulfillment solutions, customer service and initiatives that will have a positive impact on their businesses, programs and customers.
  4. Trust: To act and approach each relationship with the upmost honesty and integrity.
  5. Service Excellence: We pride ourselves at providing the best customer service that exceeds the expectations of our clients and partners.