Southport Fulfillment is pleased to offer these services to help with all of your fulfillment needs. Click on each service below to learn more about how we can streamline and optimize your current fulfillment solution or help you start from scratch!

Looking to make a splash with your target customers or reward existing customers? Work with Southport to develop custom marketing fulfillment campaigns to send a truly personalized piece to each person. Southport will help you with the creative concept, source the materials, and fulfill the campaign making the whole process seamless and easy for you.

Marketing Meeting

Do you have a great idea that you’d like to bring to market? Have you thought about crowdfunding but were worried about the time it would take to manage sourcing the rewards, updating¬† your backers, and fulfilling the campaign promises? Let Southport help you as much as you need. We have a network of suppliers to source your rewards as well as technology to help you keep your backers informed about your project. Once it’s complete, we will make sure everyone receives their rewards on time and within your budget.

Located in the greater Los Angeles area, Southport is a full-service, fulfillment center that offers B2B and B2C product storage and distribution for small, medium and large companies who are looking for exceptional service, custom fulfillment service and very competitive pricing. Our warehousing accesses over 10,000 sq. ft. of space and is a secured facility with 24 hr. security cameras and video to protect your merchandise at all times.


We handle in-bound and outbound shipping and receiving for our customers. We utilize all methods of getting your products delivered to your customers including UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and most common carriers while getting you the best shipping rates possible. We offer custom packaging and handling at your request.

As part of our inventory management system, upon receiving client shipments will disassemble all in-bound merchandise for the purpose of organizing your inventory and utilizing our Pick & Pack service for outbound shipping. Most Pick & Pack and small assemble is part of our order process system to repackage and to redistribute for retail and whole shipping. (see Pick & Pack pricing)

Customized Product labeling

Leave your mark by customizing the sender name and address on each package, be it your company headquarters or return address. We can put a marketing label with your logo on the box for brand identity.

We can receive your merchandise in most any form: cartons, pallets, containers… Once we receive your merchandise, and are notified in advance of what we will be receiving, we will prepare a receiving report. We will verify the receipt of your merchandise by carton count or individual product count based on your request. Once approved, your inventory system will be set-up for product distribution.

Inventory Management system is the key ingredient to successful fulfillment process. Either through our cloud base inventory management system for larger clients or we can provide it manually via spreadsheet for our smaller clients. Let Southport Fulfillment Services develop a custom solution to accurately track and manage your inventory levels and ultimately reduce your carrying costs and obsolete inventory.

Inventory Management

Southport relies on cloud management technology, so as a merchant you have access to all information regarding your inventory at all times, including shipping confirmations and reports. You can also set minimum and maximum inventory control notifications, letting you know the moment a particular item(s) goes below or over forecasts. Additionally, Southport offers email notifications for all in-bound and outbound shipping.

Live Inventory

We can integrate your e-commerce shopping cart and process your orders through our cloud based technology. We can either download batched orders from your online internet, integrate with your e-commerce shopping cart or you can email the order batches to us for processing. Either way, we make sure that your orders are entered quickly into our system and then pulled and shipped to your customers on a timely basis; keeping your ordering and supply process moving smoothly.

As part of our inventory management process, our quality control team will go through all in-bound shipments to ensure all product received is accurate and is not damaged before entering into our inventory system. Following our inspection, you will receive full report verifying the accuracy of the product count as well as any damaged merchandise.

Quality Control

Returns are a part of every business, whether a return is for a product that was damaged in shipping, something that the customer did not want to keep, or an item returned as defective, we can handle all of your merchandise returns.

Returns & Processing

In advance, you will communicate parameters to us that will dictate your individual return policy. When we are notified of a return, we will prepare an order return form indicating the reason, who returned the item, who authorized the return, the condition of the returned merchandise, and advise you if the item can be returned to stock, repackaged and resold, or has been set aside for your decision for a course of action if it is unusable or damaged. We will email you a copy of the return form.

Southport can help with your coupon and rebate processing needs. We will get the refund checks to your customers quickly. We can create reports and controls to insure the validity of the requests received while giving you the ability to track your product sales.

If you need assistance in designing and creating your on-line store, we have the resources to help you design a custom site, a template driven site, or an e-commerce site. We work with the experts in the field on a daily basis. Leverage our experience for your benefit when it comes to getting on the Web.